My Top Five Nescafe Coffee Pods

August 15, 2020

Hi everyone!

Yes it's time for me to be that basic bitch and share with you my five favourite Nescafe coffee pods. I'm far from a coffee afficionado, but I know what I like and I wanted to share the ones I like with you, in case any Nespresso newbies needed a starting point. My mum has a Nespresso Vertuo machine, so we can make nice big cups of coffee, which I leave in the fridge overnight to help myself to a nice chilled coffee in the morning!

5. Solelio

The Solelio coffee pod is described as mild, but you still get that lovely coffee flavour. I enjoy its fruity notes; it makes it sort of sweet and almost syrupy. Sometimes when the pods are being pumped through the machine, they don't smell great to me, and this is one that I don't like the scent as it's coming through the machine, but I love the taste when it's time to drink it!

4. Giornio

This one is like the Solelio, but a little bit stronger. I get those lovely fruity notes from this, but the coffee flavour itself is amplified. Adding milk to this really drags out those fruity, syrupy notes, and this is one I really recommend!

3. Nordic Variations: Cinnamon Swirl

This limited edition coffee pod is one that both my mum and I enjoy a lot. I wouldn't say I actually taste any cinnamon (though that could be fixed with a drop of cinnamon-flavoured syrup), but it gives a really gentle, mellow flavour that's easy to enjoy.

2. Hazelino

What I love about the Hazelino is that, as it's being pumped through the machine, it literally smells a bit like hazelnuts! And that nuttiness is carried into the flavour as well, making it really rich and warming. A drop of hazelnut flavoured syrup from somewhere like Monin would amplify those flavours and make this a delicious treat.

1. Melozio

This pod is described as 'biscuity', and I wouldn't say that I get that when I drink it. However, it's a really pleasant and sweet cup of coffee, and one that I sincerely look forward too. Sometimes when the pods are being pumped through the machine they don't smell great to me, but this smells like a quintessential high-end coffee shop! This is one that's mellow, sweet, and really enjoyable.

Do you have a favourite coffee pod? Let me know in the comments!

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