The Body Shop 'Matte Lip Liquid' Swatches

November 10, 2018
When I was a consultant for The Body Shop at Home, I added all twelve (at the time) of their 'Matte Lip Liquids' to my collection to show to my customers. This is my favourite liquid lipstick formula - it dries down to a beautiful matte finish but it's not overly drying so it's comfortable to wear. I also think all of the shades are really pretty, although some suit me more than others! For a while now, I've wanted to show off these lipsticks in this sort of post for you to see the shades on to see what you thought!

Windsor Rose
This is a cool-toned nude shade, and it's honestly really gorgeous. It's more brown than pink, which I like, since most 'nude' lipsticks look more pink to me. This shade applies really evenly and is totally opaque with just one layer in my experience.

Crete Carnation
Crete Carnation is similar to Windsor Rose in my opinion, but it's more pink than brown, and I'd say it's not as cool-toned. Like Windsor Rose though, it applies evenly and smoothly with just one application, and it's a shade I really enjoy wearing with both dramatic and natural eye looks!

Tapei Orchid
This shade is a delicate, natural pink shade. It's slightly cool-toned, and honestly I'm not convinced that it suits me as my skin tone is so pink as well. It applies ever so slightly patchy, but after a second layer it is perfectly opaque.

Nairobi Camellia
This is one of my absolute favourite shades. It's a warm-toned deep nude shade, and I personally think it suits me a lot (in fact I think it suits everyone I've seen wearing it). It's really wearable, applies evenly with one layer, and goes with both dramatic and natural looks; it's a shade that I'd recommend picking up.

Cali Gerbera
Cali Gerbera is a true orange shade, and it's the first shade that I picked up from this range! I can't decide whether I like this shade or not to be honest. It's slightly pastel, rather than a vibrant orange, and I personally think that makes it appear slightly strange on me. It doesn't not suit me, but I don't think it's my perfect shade. However, it applies very evenly and is pigmented.

Paris Peony
I'd call both this shade and the following shade a 'Barbie Pink', but this is the more warm-toned of the two. It applies nice and evenly, but I never wear it because I don't think that it suits me much. If you like pinks, it's a nice lipstick. If you don't, skip it.

Tokyo Lotus
This is another 'Barbie Pink' shade, I think with a bit more blue than the previous shade. Personally, I think that this suits me more than 'Paris Peony' but it doesn't really go with many of the eye looks that I do (the neutral one that you see in this post is rare for me). Nonetheless, it applies very nicely, so I would recommend it if you enjoy wearing pink lipsticks.

Goa Magnolia
This is a deep pink shade. I personally found that it applied rather patchy, even after a second layer. This is a shame because, in my opinion, the shade is really pretty, but you can sort of see in the pictures I took that it doesn't apply particularly evenly!

Sydney Amaryllis
This is another one of my favourite shades from this range. It's a bright orangey-red shade that is really unique in my opinion - it's not a shade I've really seen before. At first, it doesn't apply with a lot of pigment, but after a second layer it gives good coverage and looks very even.

Tahiti Hibiscus
Next up is another one of my favourite shades: 'Tahiti Hibiscus'. It applies really nicely; it's even and pigmented, but you can layer it up for even more pigment without it looking cakey and ridiculous. The bright true red shade suits everyone I've seen wearing it, and I think it looks beautiful with both dramatic and more neutral eye looks.

Mauritius Dahlia
This deep red shade is really pretty, but unfortunately it's another one that is rather patchy. Even with a second layer, it's not completely smooth and even, which is disappointing because this gorgeous shade wants showing off! You could potentially apply a third layer to stop it being patchy, but that would most likely make the lipstick appear rather cakey. It's not awful, but it could be better. (It does look good with my hair tho)

Sicily Iris
This is the darkest shade in the range, and is a deep plummy red. I love the colour, but again it appears rather patchy. My main issue with this shade is that it rubs off really unevenly when you eat. Most lipsticks leave you with what looks like lip liner, and it's really easy just to fill it in when you've finished munching, but this one rubs off in a really patchy way that is then really difficult to cover up. If you plan on eating or drinking while you've got this lipstick on, either bring makeup remover to remove it thoroughly and reapplying, or just go with a different lipstick because it does make it look awful. When you're just wearing it without eating or drinking though, it's a really lovely shade.

And with that, there are twelve matte liquid lipsticks from The Body Shop swatched. Let me tell you, when I finished doing the pictures for this post, my lips were sore. All that lipstick took its toll! Which shade is your favourite?

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