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September 27, 2017

 While in Disneyland Paris, I wanted to share a few of my outfits, so I made my mum play photographer for a couple of days. Here is some information and photos to show off one of the outfits I wore at Disneyland Paris!

I very rarely play with monochrome, but I absolutely loved wearing this outfit! It was comfortable and practical, but I still felt stylish and put together. I also found that the skirt didn't get dirty, and I really expected that it would. My top is from New Look, and while I couldn't find the exact one, there is something similar [HERE].

My broderie lace skirt is from Boden. I got it 15% off on sale, and I love it to pieces! I also got the same skirt in red. I love the details of the fabric, such as its scalloped hem and pretty patterns. It really wasn't hard to keep clean, so if the fear of dirt is putting you off having a white skirt, I say put that fear aside! If you'd like to order this skirt, you can find it [HERE].

My beautiful Chip and Dale flats are from Irregular Choice. My favourite thing about them is all the details you see when you look closer. The soles have Chip and Dale on them as well, and there are acorns embroidered on the heels. I also love the gold piping, red scallop trim, and the beautiful glittery insoles! They're absolutely beautiful, and if you fancy a pair you can get them [HERE].

My necklace is a floating locket from Pandora that my mum got me for my birthday last year. You can get other little charms to put inside it, which I think is a great source of customisation! You can get the floating locket [HERE] and have a look at some charms for it [HERE].

All of the earrings I wear at the moment come from Warren James, because they're high quality at a low price. I've been struggling with earrings recently (I think I may be allergic to some lower end ones) but I can rely on these to be comfortable as well as beautiful! You can order the pearl drop earrings [HERE], or the set of three that the smaller ones came from [HERE].

My Pandora bracelet is one of my absolute favourite accessories. I have several beads, which I interchange as I please. I bought the frog prince one from Disneyworld in Florida, but it can be ordered [HERE]. The decorative one I think I bought in York, and it can be ordered [HERE]. I love this owl one, because it reminds me of my grandma. Her favourite animals were owls, she was a teacher (it's wearing a little graduation cap), and her favourite colour was blue, like its eyes. It can be ordered [HERE]. And the turtle one I bought for just £10 in a sale! You can order it [HERE].

Finally, the crowning glory, my Marie ears. Marie is one of my favourite Disney characters, so it wasn't a hard decision to order these from an Etsy shop called Hannah Marie Magic. Her Minnie Ear Headbands are all handmade from scratch, which I really admire, and I got plenty of compliments on mine! You can order them [HERE] or scroll through her other designs [HERE].

Let me know what you think of this Outfit of the Day and its post! There's another outfit coming soon, so be sure to follow Whoops It's Hannah on Bloglovin' to see that one as soon as it is posted!

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