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The other night after a nice bath, I noticed that my Lush 'Fizz Pot' was completely empty. As was this little basket that I use for overspill when my Fizz Pot is full. Traumatising, I know. Not to worry though, because of course all that just gave me an excuse to pop into my local Lush store ASAP and pick myself up some goodies! As I got quite a lot I decided it would make quite a nice haul.

Dragon's Egg may look pretty simple in this picture, but ohhhhhh no it isn't. Citrus scented, it contains little pieces of confetti (to celebrate the birth of a dragon, maybe?), which scatter themselves around your bath nicely. There aren't so many that they're impossible to get off the sides of the tub when you're done, either, and I'm pretty sure they dissolve if you leave them in there long enough. Once you get past that initial white shell, a burst of orange explodes out, along with plenty of pretty gold glitter.

I've never tried this before, but it smelled absolutely lovely instore. It contains sea salt to exfoliate, which I'll appreciate seeing as my hands have felt quite rough and dry recently. Coconut oil is included to moisturise and hydrate your hands, again, great for me right now! It really does smell delightful and I look forward to using it!

Another one of my favourites (not just for the beautiful design!), Twilight smells of lavender and caramel. I think it's the perfect bath bomb to use in an evening bath before bed, as it's the perfect scent to unwind to. It turns your path a pretty shade of purple, and doesn't include that pesky lustre that's impossible to shift!

 I think this is a new bath bomb at Lush, at least I've never seen it before! It's got a lovely citrus scent thanks to mandarin, tangerine and orange flower. It contains cocoa butter as well, which will leave your skin baby soft, similar to Butterball if you want those results but aren't keen on the smell of it. From what I've seen, the oil is in the little purple bits, meaning the purple separates from the orange to create the beautiful lava lamp effect. I think that's a lovely idea, and I'm excited to use this!

I've used a few of the Lush face masks before, but only the fresh ones, which you have to store in the fridge and use up in two weeks. I thought a self preserving one might be a bit more practical for me, as I don't use face masks very often unless I know my two weeks is almost up! This one is actually meant for acne-prone skin, which I certainly don't have, but I'm sure it will still be lovely to use. The minty scent makes me think it'll make my skin tingle and therefore actually feel like it's doing something. It exfoliates as well, so will hopefully leave my skin smooth and soft.

(apologies for the little dolphin in the picture, I couldn't get the bath bomb to stay up!)
I love Think Pink, I think it's just lovely. The little candy flowers on the top do hint at the sweet vanilla smell it has. There's lavender in there as well so it's another one that's great to use before bed. As this is one of the smaller Lush bath bombs out there, it's not outrageously expensive either. It turns your bath a bright, cheerful pink, and leaves me feeling very happy!

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I made a YouTube video to go alongside this haul as part of my Vlog A Lot in August challenge. Watch here:

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