SCRAPBOOK: Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes


When I first got into makeup, I wondered for ages which eyeshadow colours would suit my eyes the most. I thought some of my readers might be wondering the same thing, so I'm kicking off a mini series of eye makeup tips for specific eye colours, starting with BLUE!

Colours that suit you may also depend on your skin's undertones. If you have cooler undertones, silver jewellery will suit you, as well as cooler colours such as blue and grey. For warm undertones, gold jewellery will suit you more, and red, bronze and orange tones will look better. Remember to take this into account if you aren't feeling your eyeshadow look - you may just be going to the wrong end of the spectrum!

Little disclaimer: obviously, wear whatever makeup you want. If your favourite eyeshadow colour isn't on here, I'm not in any way claiming you can no longer wear that colour. Be creative with your makeup - it's an art, not a science. You do you, boo. x


  1. Don't have blue eyes obviously but I love the whole scrapbook thing you've done - really different and creative!❤️
    I want to do more beauty/makeup posts but I feel out of my depth because I rarely change up my makeup or buy new products..but beauty wise (perfume, moisturiser,ect) I have loads of things, just not sure what to post really!

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed making the little cards for it. I've got Green, Grey, Brown and Hazel lined up!
      I thought the same thing when I started my blog, but it's actually pushed me to try out different styles so that I have some more content :) I've always admired your eyeliner, you could make a post saying how you do it with some of your tips?
      Hannah xx


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