Bright Nail Art

July 10, 2016


I recently started doing nail art again - I had a phase where I had a different design every week but I stopped for some reason and couldn't get back into it. I thought I'd show you what I came up with though, for you to recreate if you wanted to. It was inspired by various designs on Pinterest and a couple of YouTube tutorials.

I began with a base coat (Maybelline Dr. Rescue) to protect my nails from staining and to help the polish last longer. I then went in with two coats of the Essie 'Birthday Suit' onto my middle and pointer fingers. For the rest of my fingers and my thumbs, I used Revlon 'Diva Coral'.

For the flowers, I took a very thin nail art brush dipped in Revlon 'Diva Coral' and literally just poked my nail with it five times in a little circle to create the petals. Not very technical, but it gets the job done! I repeated this in random places over my nails, and then did the same with the shade 'Gobstopper' by Beauty UK. When I was happy with the shape and placement of my flowers, I allowed them to dry before adding a little spot of this gold polish from OPI (I'm sorry, I couldn't spot a name anywhere on the bottle) into the centre of each flower.

On the fingers without flowers, I took the gold polish again, dipped in a thin nail art brush, and put a dot at the base of my nail before dragging it in the direction of the tip, lightening the pressure I was putting down to create the tear drop shapes. I did this again on either side of the first teardrop. Finally, I added some top coat (Maybelline 'Dr. Rescue') to fix my design in place.

[I take my own photos and it would have been practically impossible to show the steps myself, but if these instructions aren't clear enough you can always google 'floral nail art' to get a better idea of what to do!]


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