My Long Hair Care Routine

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My hair used to be very long (almost 75cm long, in fact), and I tried to take as good care of it as I could. Unfortunately, I ended up with a lot of split ends, but other than that my hair was pretty healthy, and I doubt anyone with long hair can say they've never had a split end in their life. I washed it twice a week, which some may shudder at but it never got too bad before I washed it - I promise!

I thought I'd do a two-parter and show you the products I used to take care of my long hair and the products I'm using on it now it's short. (I had my hair cut for charity, find out more HERE.)

Here are the products I used regularly and how I used them.

I bounced between several Elvive shampoos. When my hair was freshly coloured, I used their Colour Protect one. I can't say if it does help my colour last longer as I've never used anything other than that after having it dyed, but I like to think it does! The last one I used was the Full Restore. I'd say my hair did feel a bit healthier after using it, but split ends are my main problem and the only way to fix those bad boys is to have them cut off, so there wasn't much for it to repair - it's probably aimed at heat damaged hair more. The one I was using right before my cut was the Extraordinary Clay. It's meant to balance out your hair if you have oily roots and dry ends, which I certainly do!

All I do with shampoo is massage it into my hair until it's lovely and bubbly, before rinsing it out thoroughly and repeating.

I use whatever conditioner matches my shampoo at the time - it bothers me when the bottles are different!

I run conditioner through the length of my hair with my fingers, leave it on the remainder of my shower and rinse it all out thoroughly right before a get out. This allows it time to really nourish my hair, leaving it silky soft!

I sprayed a couple of spritzes of the VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray all over my hair before grabbing my hairdryer. With a large paddle brush, I brushed through my hair as I'm drying it, holding the hairdryer close to the brush and my hair. This dried it fairly quickly and it was also very soft when I'm done.

When my hair was almost completely dry, I'd often add a few squirts of the Lee Stafford Beach Babe Salt Spray and scrunch up the hair with my fingers before I carried on with my dryer. This made the ends of my hair go quite curly, while the rest of it went wavy, adding an interesting texture to my otherwise straight hair!

Ah. Split ends. My old foe.

To combat them, I used the Lee Stafford Split Ends Serum. I'd pump a few spurts into my hands before running my fingers through the ends of my hair.

While this helped improve the appearance of my split ends, there's no way of repairing them. Once a hair is split, it's split, and you'll need to chop the end off eventually. Regular trims can keep your hair looking far healthier than mine did, but I hate going to the hairdresser's so I slacked in this department!

The Elvive Extraordinary Oil for coloured hair is a godsend for me. I adore the smell of this stuff, and running it through my hair never fails to leave it soft and cared for. I'd definitely recommend it!

What products do you use to keep your hair as healthy as can be? Leave your recommendations in the comments!

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